Professional Development

1-How to write a research proposal (Protocol)

2-Research Design

3-Clinical Trials

4-Sample Size

5-Handling Surgical Data – Exploratory Data nalysis

6-Handling Surgical Data – Choosing a Statistical Test

7-Tips on Writing a Scientific Paper

8-Tips on Tables and Graphs

9-Tips on Writing References

10-How to present a paper at a scientific meeting

11-How to Critically Read a Surgical Scientific Article

12-How to Appraise an article on surgical therapy

13-How to appraise an article on diagnosis

14-How to appraise a review article

15-Clinical Audit

16-How to choose an audit topic

17-Audit objectives and standard

18-How to select an audit sample

19-Audit Design

20-Making Change

21-Data Collection Forms

22-Alexandria initiative on scientific misconduct: Plagiarism


24-Research Misconduct-I

25-Research Misconduct-II

26-Surgical Safety Checklist

27-Safe Surgery

28-Safe Surgery-2

29-Safe Surgery-3

30-Safe Surgery-4

31-Safe Surgery-5

32-Safe Surgery-6